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From Fred Crosetto: (2012)


Thank You So much for All Your Outstanding Work and Service.



From Wendy Mounger: (8/6/2009)


We absolutely LOVE our house. I have to say, though, and I TRULY mean this: I could not have done it without the Beckes Team! I am happy to talk on the phone with you anytime.


In the meantime, I will share with you why I think you should go with Beckes Homes! You will not meet a better group of guys: Eric, Mike, Kevin, Gary, etc. All different roles....all the best! To say I am experienced in home building would be the understatement of the year! If we were going to do it again, I would not hesitate for one minute to use them again. I think this speaks volumes! Our relationship goes beyond professional. I feel like they are friends, they care, they are accountable, and they will do what is best for you!


I also am very confident in all of the subs that Beckes uses. I think this is also important. For example, we are out of town this weekend, but I am comfortable with the subs being in my home. They have all been very nice and very professional.


In building our home, I spent a ton of time working with Mike Shinn. He basically held my hand the whole process. He set up any and all appointments. It was great having someone who could tell me if my ideas would/could work...or how they could be done more cost effectively.


I will close by saying one more time that there is not one thing I would change about our experience in the last 2 years (except maybe the economy! But don't have much control over that). I would highly recommend using Beckes. I think the most important thing in building is the personal experience too. You need someone you can talk with and someone you trust. I did, and I continue, to talk with them every day! They are truly the best!






From: William & Joan Messenger: (8/23/2005)


We built our first home with Beckes Homes, Inc. in 1996.  It was our “Dream” home, a West side waterfront home located at 2725 60th Ave. SE on Mercer Island. As unbelievable as it may sound, everything went better than our best expectations. Eric Beckes is a total professional and a very fine person. The same professionalism is reflected by all his staff.  My wife and Eric made many changes and decisions during the construction process and all went very smoothly, on time, with no financial surprises.  It was a truly rewarding experience for my wife and me.


As a further testament to our belief in Eric Beckes, Beckes Homes,  we started construction of a new home located at 2821 69th Ave SE on Mercer Island.  It is a steep slope that promised challenges and yet once again everything has gone smoothly, on time, and below budget.  Beckes Homes and his staff have a “can do” attitude that has to be experienced to be understood.  We are in the middle of this construction and are happy to report that all is well.


Having known Eric Beckes for 10 years now, built one home and in construction on another I can honestly say he is the only builder I would ever consider.  Please feel free to contact myself or my wife any time with any questions or concerns you may have.

From: Mitch Mounger (8/25/2005)


My wife and I recently had the pleasure of building a custom home on the Mercer Island Waterfront. We selected Eric Beckes of Beckes Homes to be our contractor and help us build our custom home.


We went in to this process with our eyes open.  We had heard all the horror stories surrounding custom home building and were prepared for the worse.  What we got, however, was an incredibly pleasing process and a home that exceeded our expectations.  Eric and his crew are incredibly professional and easily the cream of the crop in home builders.


In the selection process, we decided on Beckes because of his pragmatic approach to the process.  He worked with us on every detail and gave us options on how to address issues as they came up.  The result is a beautiful home and a lasting friendship with Eric and his entire staff.  We have found our builder for life.


I cannot recommend Beckes Homes any higher.   They are the right guys for the job.


Mitch Mounger


Sunrise Creative Group




From Deborah and Ken Hey (8/23/2005)


We are sending this letter to thank you for the hard work and effort you and your team put into building our dream home.  We have lived in the house for almost 2 years now and love it more every day.  We hear from friends and family all the time about their awful experiences in building a home and are always raving about how it was such a great experience for us.


You and your team took the time to do it right, but always kept us on schedule throughout the project.  In the 18 months it took to build our home, we had 2 delays, neither of which was caused by Beckes Construction.  Both instances were handled with professionalism and a “can do” attitude, resulting in us getting back on track.  We certainly got more than we expected in both the house and the relationship we built along the way.


I hope that your team takes the time to appreciate what they do for a living every day, because they really do make dreams come true.  We never could have built our home the way we did without your assistance and guidance throughout the process helping us to make good decisions, cutting costs where possible and knowing where we should not compromise.


Thanks again for helping us to make our dream a reality.  After 3 years of planning, 18 months of building and almost two years in the house, we have absolutely no regrets.




Deborah Hey


From Ralph Brindley (8/22/2005)


We purchased our current home from Beckes Homes, Inc.  the home was being built by Mr. Eric Beckes when we agreed to purchase the home.  It was early on in the construction process and we worked with Mr. Beckes in detail and at length making modifications to the proposed plan.


Eric Beckes was a total professional.  He worked closely with our architects and my wife and me.  He was always immediately responsive to telephone calls and inquiries regarding the project.  We have lived in the home for approximately four years.  We could not be happier.  Any time there has been any issue relating to the home he has been more than happy to assist us in solving any problems.


As an indication of our belief that Beckes Homes, Inc. is an outstanding contracting company, they are in the process of building us a new home.  We have worked closely with Eric Beckes and his employees for the last two years on this new project.  We are totally satisfied with everything he has done.  Again, he has been responsive, available and a total professional.


If you would like any additional information or thoughts we have regarding Mr. Beckes, please feel free to call me at my office. The telephone number is 206-467-6090


Yours very truly,


Ralph Brindley




From Greg Kapala (8/21/2005)


In separate projects during late 2003 and early 2005, Eric Beckes and his crew from Beckes Homes remodeled my home on Mercer Island.


My experience with Beckes Homes was very positive.  Everyone at the office worked professionally, skillfully, and in a timely manner.


The remodel timetable and costs were well explained and fair.  There were no hidden costs or bad surprises.


As a contractor and as a person, Eric is exceptional.  He was always available, and is extremely honest. Frequently, Eric made an effort above and beyond the expected to make all aspects of the remodel as smooth as possible.


I would recommend everyone at Beckes Homes without reservation.  If I can answer any questions regarding my experience with Eric and his staff, feel free to contact me.




Greg Kapala





From David and Kimberly Barenborg (9/2/2005)


We highly recommend Eric Beckes because of his high quality and workmanship, integrity and dependability.


It was easy for us to have an open and honest dialogue with Eric and his staff throughout our extensive renovation to our hoe.  There never were any surprises.


Not only were there no disappointments but we would not hesitate to use Eric Beckes again.  In fact we feel so strongly about his work ethic that we are continuing with our “Phase 2” project for September 2006.


We would not hesitate recommending Eric Beckes to anyone.




David and Kimberly Barenborg





If superb communication, planning and understanding of your needs and desires are paramount to the success of your next project, then Beckes Homes is the right Builder for your next project.


Our experienced team operates with courtesy and respect., while working with you, your architect, designer, and other professionals.


Your satisfaction is critical to us. Your home and our reputation are built on it.  We will deliver a finished product that is well beyond the extraordinary.

Make Beckes Homes your Builder . . .




Professionalism     |    Practice "Can Do" Attitude     |     On Time, On Budget     |    A Great Experience     |     Our Builder for Life




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